“It’s tangible, tangible, it’s solid, and its beautiful, it’s artistic, and I just love real estate.
Nevertheless buying real estate I focus on location, location & location.”

Samuel Hodara


HOLDUS VENTURES PROPERTIES, our real estate arm, seeks West coast, national and international investments in stabilized, value added and distressed properties within the commercial, industrial and residential real estate markets. In our real estate investments, we act as a General Partner. Our long-term investment strategy is aimed at value creation and income generation from the properties in which we invest. We also provide management consulting and advisory services to our portfolio investments across all asset classes.

HOLDUS VENTURES PROPERTIES services include financial analysis and planning, investment, syndication, strategic planning, operations and marketing consulting, and turn-around services.

HOLDUS VENTURES PROPERTIES is committed to use its strategic, operational and financial skills to create value for its investors and investment partners and advance the progress of its portfolio companies and properties.

For any further inquiries about HOLDUS VENTURES PROPERTIES
Please contact us or call (310) 228 8394