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Holdus Ventures’ consulting services are all focused on high level technology transfer related issues


Strategic partnerships and alliances build value in many ways. They quickly create critical mass, bridge skills gaps, and penetrate new global markets, build new or focusing existing competencies and leverage joint and pooled resources. The ability to rapidly identify and execute strategic partnering opportunities has become a success factor in the growth and commercial success of innovative companies. We assist your organization in achieving a competitive advantage through alliance creation by:

– Identifying the value creation that will determine the optimal alliance structure and terms for your organization;
– Identifying the potential partners that will satisfy the alliance structure;
– Facilitating alliances by identifying the common mandates and objectives of strategic partners and translating them into quantifiable and achievable joint performance metrics.

Holdus Ventures has a unique expertise in identifying and negotiating powerful alliances within a sector and across related sectors. We have experience in facilitating alliances to catalyze short-term growth as well as long-term expansion.

Our team works with companies to help them leverage their internal research and product development activities by accessing winning external opportunities. We assist organizations in structuring alliances around complementary technologies, products, research, market spaces, skills and concepts. The types of alliances and partnerships that we specialize in creating and managing include technology transfer and technology-sharing, licensing, co-development and co-marketing, and joint ventures.
Using our relationships with governments and related agencies, we also maximize
regional support for strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors. We facilitate intra-and inter-organizational dialogue to build consensus and create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Holdus Ventures’ approach to alliance creation and management includes the following activities:

– We identify complementary capabilities and facilitate and build consensus around the identification of common mandates and objectives that leverage these capabilities;
– We understand the objectives of alliance creation and work with you to identify the types of partnership activities that will add value;
– We assess the operating environment for your potential alliance, including assisting in identifying and prioritizing the global opportunities for your organization;
– We provide quantitative tools and analysis to assist clients in structuring competitive deals, and negotiating favorable terms and agreements.


Creating and growing a new company requires the successful completion of a suite of coordinated activities, in addition to careful planning, expertise and insight, and the application of sound management practices. Holdus Ventures works with innovative corporate and academic entrepreneurs, technology transfer offices, business developers in established corporations, and government officials, to meet the many challenges involved in establishing a successful new venture. Drawing on in-depth experience with company creation and a broad understanding of the variety of business models and commercialization mechanisms available to life science ventures, we offer valuable insights to emerging companies.

Holdus Ventures has developed a clear understanding of company growth drivers from inception and through early stage development. These include developing sound research
and development strategies, robust operational and project management practices,
fit and appropriate portfolio of alliances and the optimal development and implementation of
solid financial strategies. We work with innovative entrepreneurs to address some of their critical questions, including:

– What business model works best for our venture?
– How do we source capital for our new venture?
– What is the optimal organizational structure of the new company?
– How do we protect our intellectual property?
– What is the best marketing and communications strategy for our business?
– How do we establish relationships with the best service providers?

Holdus Ventures provides guidance and assistance throughout the early stages of the company creation process. At the earliest stage, company inception, we develop strategies to access financing, determine the optimal organizational design, and outline the operational plan, in order to create a successful business plan for the venture. We provide support to assist with rolling out the business plan. We work with emerging companies to implement strategies for business development, capital sourcing, organizational design, operational planning and building alliances and partnerships.

If required in some cases, we will work with a new company in an interim management capacity. In this role we ensure the introduction and application of strong governance and management practices, the proper sourcing of capital, the expansion on business development and alliance creation initiatives, and the robust management of financials. We can also undertake project and day-to-day operational management of the venture.


The innovative life sciences and IT sectors strongly contribute to the strength of regional and national economies and has become a pillar of global market activity. Governments and economic communities recognize the benefits of supporting these sectors. Holdus Ventures works closely with consortia representing key regional players and decision makers, including government and economic development offices, academic institutions, and companies, to develop and implement regional strategies. We assist in advancing these initiatives.

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