All our Knowledge is about the past but all our challenges are about the future.



Holdus Ventures takes a proactive, focused approach to creating technology investment opportunities.

Holdus Ventures is almost exclusively outbound in our investment activity. Our approach involves deep market research, along with continuous learning and reinvention of how we think about creating value.

In a typical investment, Holdus Ventures:
– Identifies broad themes of how value is created for customers;
– Targets specific attractive markets;
– Immerses its team in the markets and constituencies involved;
– Develops a clear understanding of sustainable value edges and the competencies required to deliver them;
– Finds or creates a company that can be a leader in the market and that exhibits the key
identified success factors;
– Builds a relationship of trust with inventors and management, ensuring that objectives are aligned;
– Develops an equity relationship to become partners with inventors and management (typically 10-70 percent);
– Works with inventors and management to build a leading company.

Holdus Ventures teams specifically do:
– Engineer steps of financing for IT and life sciences start-up projects and help to build strong management teams;
– Optimize business strategies to increase revenues and profitability;
– Create strategic relationships that enable management to expand their markets and secure a leadership position in their industry;
– Assist management in acquiring complementary product lines or businesses;
– Develop an entrepreneur’s leadership potential through a proactive approach to mentoring.

For any further inquiries about Holdus Ventures’ incubation and investment
opportunities please contact us or call (310) 228 8394