Keeping a little ahead of conditions is one of the secrets of business.

Charles M. Schwab


Holdus Ventures is a new ventures and business development organization, with outstanding skills, experience and relationships in technology and real estate development and turnaround.

Holdus Ventures’ Technology and Innovation activities are focused on advances and convergence opportunities in Life Sciences and Information Technologies. Expertise across these industries allows Holdus Ventures to operate as an Investor, Manager, Licensee/Distributor/Agent, and/or Advisor to new and existing ventures based on market opportunities for Technology Transfer, Investment, and Incubation (TTI&I) and in Turnaround situations.

Holdus Ventures’ Consulting activities are targeted to private and public sector, non-profit, governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Through its real estate investment division, Holdus Ventures focuses on global long-term, high yield, well structured Real Estate investments in large multi-family properties.

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