“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”.



Within the field of technology transfer Holdus Ventures offers consulting services to a broad spectrum of high level clients.


Holdus Ventures works with industry leaders to build value and create wealth. We help develop and implement effective strategies for growth and success. Our in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the knowledge-based, risk-laden, and innovation-driven industries, coupled with our excellence in process formulation and implementation, position US well to lead in this unique space and attain the required growth objectives for our clients and partners.


Holdus Ventures works with academic innovators and thought leaders in creating strategies and initiatives that set new bars for global excellence. We work with academia to capitalize on research strengths and teams and convert them into new R&D opportunities, including infrastructure projects, programs, R&D units, and organizations. We also assist with the translation of research into industry to ensure the seamless transition of knowledge concepts into product development. To each academic engagement, we bring a powerful combination of corporate expertise in strategic, organizational and financial planning, business development and project and company management, balanced by our scientific knowledge and academic backgrounds in technology platforms and R&D disciplines.

Holdus Ventures assists academic institutions, centers, programs, consortia, and networks. We work with senior academic executives including University Presidents, VPs of Research, Technology Transfer, Commercialization, Industry Liaison and Development, as well as individual researchers and entrepreneurs.


Holdus Ventures works with regional national and international agencies as well as with governments on strategies for building the innovative life sciences sectors. Working at the nexus of government, industry and research interests, we understand the diverse needs of economic communities and the tools required for growth and competitive advantage. We provide strategies that can be rapidly implemented to ensure maximum impact and established life sciences communities and all levels of government, ranging from locally-based economic development agencies to national, provincial and state government ministries, departments and programs as well as international bodies such as WHO.

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